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As of June 2020, this site has been revamped to feature recent textbooks in the field of emergency management. Textbooks are not getting the attention they deserve. It takes years to produce them and they contain a wealth  of knowledge not available from most online sources.  As the editor and author of such books, we want students and practitioners to be able to find and use these valuable resources.

Two Recent Books by Rubin, et al:

Book Covers

Third Edition of Emergency Management: the American Experience. Claire B. Rubin, Editor. Routledge Press. (August 2019) The newly revised edition covers historic disaster events and their outcomes for the years 1900-2010.

U.S. Emergency Management in the 21st Century: From Disaster to Catastrophe. Claire B. Rubin and Susan L. Cutter, Editors. Routledge Press. (December 2019). This all new book follows in the footsteps of the history book noted above. It is broader in scope, however, giving more attention to the recovery phase planning process as well as to changes in federal requirements and programs since 2010. Use this code to get a discount: SOC19.

See “Other Resources” for links to the major publishing houses as well as a link to recent book reviews. See also “Disaster Time Line Charts” to access these older resources online.

Ms. Rubin is a social scientist with more than 40 years of experience in emergency management and homeland security.  She maintains several websites on disaster topics, most notably the blog on disaster recovery called Recovery Diva. She also maintains the blog called Disasters and Faith, which features resources related to faith-based organizations and disasters. In addition, she is the co-founder and moderator for three Facebook groups regarding emergency management.

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